Blackjack Pro 2021 1.00

Blackjack Pro 2021 1.00



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Blackjack Pro 2021, or simply BJ Pro , from is one of the most comprehensive and customizable blackjack game programs available. There are numerous options the user can select and customize, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City and European rules (dealer gets the hole card at the end of the round), dealer stands on all 17 s or hits soft 17, number of allowed splits, number of decks in play (1, 2, 4, 6, or 8) and deck penetration range, which is how far into the shoe the dealer goes before shuffling the cards. There s also a unique feature called Manage Deck, which is the ability to manipulate the cards in the deck and determine their positions in the shoe. It is very simple for the user to change cards positions, randomly shuffle the cards in the deck, and save or load custom decks (over 40 saved decks and different scenarios are available in the full version). Just like in real life blackjack, users have the options to stand, hit, double down, split cards, surrender, or take insurance. Players can place bets using $5, $25, and $100 play chips, while their game balance is maintained and saved automatically by the program. Blackjack pro 2021 is the ultimate blackjack game for users who wish to learn and practice their blackjack game. Blackjack novices can learn the basics of the game on their computer, without having to register and sign up to online casinos, while blackjack pros and card counters can perfect their blackjack game with the Manage Deck feature. On BJ Pro s homepage ( you ll find additional information and software on blackjack such as blackjack analyzer, blackjack game rules and articles, blackjack strategy charts, blackjack sessions tracking sheet, etc. BJ Pro demo version has limited functionality.

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